i'm simply a fat little queer living with my husband in the PNW. some words i could use to describe myself...femme, bear, draconic, satanic. besides art, my other hobbies are amateur web coding, browsing the old web, collecting vintage queer media, taking pictures with my digital camera, and sewing badly.

i've known myself as transgender since i was in high school, and after going in and out of the closet a few times, i figured myself out and started transitioning when i was 25. i had top surgery in 2020 and i don't have any plans for further surgeries. my husband is also trans, and our t4t relationship is holy to me!

freedom of artistic and personal expression are important to me. i'm pro-self indulgence, pro-porn, pro-cringe, and pro-minding my own business. i don't hold space in my life for bigots, harassers, or anyone who promotes harm, hatred, or shame toward others. i have a deep distrust for those who would label others as "freaks", "degenerates", and so on.

furry code: FDD4d A+ C+ D H- M- P+ R- T++++ W Z Sm++ RL a29 cWindows++ d e f+ h++ iwf+++ j p++ sm+
goth code: GoNQ JtP cLBs1B SaL M1 Z** C6o a29-+ b48 H163 g5L w7! r3s h5 s2 k5 m SmNn N0700 Lus
dragon code: DC2.Dw Gm L- W+ T++ Skk,bu Cbl-,vbk,fye+,egr+ A Fr--- M+++ O H++ $-- Fo+ R-- Ac++ J++ S+ U! I--# V--- Q--- Tc+


some of my favorite Things To Consume