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he found a bandaid

Friday, February 24, 2023

i’m writing this entry from an app called “writer plus” that, so far, feels like a nice alternative to the notes app on my phone.

i just went to my partner’s pharmacy to pick up some meds, and shares the elevator with a family that had 2 small kids. one was real little and the other was maybe 4 or 5. the little one was super excited to wave at me the whole way up (which i did back because you Must wave back at a kid when they wave at you) and the older one held up his hand, covered in marker scribbles, and yelled “LOOK I FOUND A BAND-AID AND I COLORED IT!!” and i was like “dude that rules” and then his poor exasperated father sighed “where did you get a band-aid….” stuff like that makes me want to be a dad so badly, little kids are so funny.

kore and i are gonna be travelling to vegas tonight so i hope i remember to journal about the trip! that’s why i downloaded this app in the first place. i’m bringing my digital camera, too, so when i get back from the trip i’ll have to figure out a good photo gallery setup for my site. i’ll probably just use zenphoto or somethin.

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first entry!

Friday, February 17, 2023

welcome to the journal portion of my site. i’m not a major Poster so updates to this thing will probably be infrequent, but it’s primarily just for me, anyway! i’m using FlatPress because i like that it’s kinda minimalist and saves the posts as simple .txt files.

i do think this journal will be particularly useful when i want to post art with a more detailed description— sometimes i don’t have much to say about a piece, but other times it’ll be a fanwork or an OC piece that needs more context, so this is a good place to do that. i don’t write as much as i used to anymore, but this would also be a good place to put written works as well.

i also want to get into the habit of writing about things i do offline more often, like traveling and events i go to. i’ve always struggled with memory problems since forever (which might be an autism symptom) and it’s only getting worse as i get older so now’s a better time than ever to start documenting more of my life! so here’s what i’m doing today:

i’m dyeing a denim jacket black and it’s so much work…it’s a big comfortable jacket that i love wearing but the bleached blue denim color doesn’t really fit with the rest of my wardrobe, because i’m a spooky bitch and everything Must Be Black. after i get it dyed to a satisfactory level of darkness i then have to re-sew the patches onto it, which sucks because i just put those patches on a couple months ago!! the struggle is real but legally i have to be the coolest-looking fat person in the room everywhere i go. when i figure out a satisfactory system for storing photos on my site maybe i’ll put some pictures of the finished product.

n e way…that’s all i got for this post for now, folks!

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