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back from vegas!

Thursday, March 2, 2023

husband and i have been back from Vegas for a few days, but i’m just now getting to writing about it! i didn’t have time to write during the trip because we had so much to do and so little time. i think anything more than a few days would be too much Vegas for me, but i do wish we had stayed one extra day. mostly because i wanted more time with the amazing bathtub in our hotel room.

we stayed at the Venetian resort, and holy crap it’s BIG. i had watched some videos beforehand to prepare myself, but the scale of this place is truly insane. and i’m saying that as someone who grew up going to Disney World often! i’ve heard vegas described as “disney for adults” and, at least in the Venetian’s case, i agree. the level of theming, cleanliness, room size, and service at the hotel was better than what you get at Disney for twice the price these days. not that Vegas wasn’t expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a disney trip, lol.

i wish i had taken a picture of the glorious bathtub in our room. it’s rare for me to find a tub that i can comfortably submerge my big fat white ass in. this tub was deep enough that i floated in it! it also had handles on the sides which made it easier to hoist myself out. the only thing that could have improved it would be jacuzzi jets. the resort had a shop that sold really cute food-themed bath products, so i grabbed myself a “milkshake” soaking solution and it was fantastic, 10/10, literally would go again JUST to use that tub.

there’s a wax museum at the Venetian, so we went there late at night when there was nobody else around, and that was fun. i love this pic i got of kore with the Prince figure because they’re literally the same size and someday i will get him to do a Prince cosplay i s2g.


the other two big things we did were AREA15, specifically the Omega Mart experience, and kore and i went and got last-minute tickets to see the RPDR live show. Omega Mart was really cool but a little too crowded, probably because we went later in the day, so it kinda felt like sensory overload after a while, but i would like to go again to see it more thoroughly.

the Drag Race show was the best part of the trip for me, tbh. amazing show with some crazy shit going on— queens were dropping from the ceiling and throwing fire!! Jorgeous had this routine where she dropped down from the ceiling attached to nothing but a wrist strap and a pole and the whole audience was screaming. there was a ton of love shown for Eureka, too, which made me happy as a fellow fat trans person. also, the seating in the venue was tables rather than theater seats, and kore and i shared a table with this group of young straight girls who were, like, visibly uncomfortable in the presence of us as two scrunkly little faggots that didn’t fit their palatable idea of glitter-dusted Disney Gays, and that was really funny.

oh, and we also went to Rainforest Cafe! i took a picture of this little hanging ape statue that all Rainforest Cafes seem to have. i love this ape.


it was a short trip, but a fun one! the flight over there is super short so i would definitely visit again.

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