surge's cookbook

as a he/him housewife to my husband, i spend a lot of time cooking! i wouldn't call myself a Chef by any means, but i do have some tasty recipes that i'd like to share with the internet. most of what i like to cook is simple, easy-to-make comfort food, the kinda stuff you can throw together in under an hour but is super filling and makes for good leftovers. my sicilian heritage also means that my specialties are Cheese and Carb, lol. if you're looking for health food you're in the wrong place :D

i take a very, uh..."freeform" approach to cooking, i guess you could say; i don't always measure my ingredients exactly, i make a mess and usually end up with sauce and such on my shirt, glasses, hair, etc..."why don't you use an apron," i hear you say. "iunno," i shrug in response. anyway, i'll try to write my recipes in a way that is easy to follow!

this page will slowly expand as i type up more recipes. each recipe is a .txt file. feel free to print, save, and share them :) if you have questions about my recipes, you can always email me.