walk review: sunset hill park


here’s a new blogging idea i thought of recently: encouraging fitness and blogging at the same time by reviewing my walks around the city! i’ve started a Weight Loss Journey to get a little healthier, and part of that journey is trying to walk for 45 minutes to an hour a few times a week. i’ve been doing great at it so far! i’m lucky to live in a pretty walkable city with tons of green space and interesting things to explore.

by “review”, i mean i’ll be rating the walk based on the following (very academic) criteria:

  • AESTHETICS – foliage, cool views, interesting buildings, etc. nice things to look at on the walk.
  • DIFFICULTY – the level of physical difficulty, for me, accounting for things like inclines or difficult terrain.
  • OBSTRUCTIONS – stoplights, construction, anything that interrupts the “flow” of the walk
  • HAZARDS – unavoidable stroads, lack of sidewalks, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, locust plagues…
  • DOG BONUS – an abundance of cute dogs to see, or animals that count as Dog. someone taking their cat for a walk, for example, qualifies for Dog Bonus. interesting wildlife also counts toward this.
  • ADDITIONAL POINT OF INTEREST BONUS – cool stores, public art, little free libraries, stuff like that.

each category counts for 25 points out of 100 total, with points added and subtracted based on my opinion of the category. higher score = better! the Dog Bonus and POI bonus add extra points toward the overall score.

so, with the grading scale explained, let’s get into this particular walk :D

sunset hill park is about a 45 minute walk from home for me. google maps says 38, but i’m slow, so walks always take me slightly longer than the predicted time. so the whole trip there and back made for a good long walk on a nice clear, chilly day. i love walking on cold days because i don’t get as sweaty :p

the trip was about 90% residential neighborhood streets, which i love. i did have to cross the main stroad outside my house to begin this walk and enter the residential area, and one additional stoplight later on, but overall it’s a pretty quiet area with a lot of cool older houses and fun yards to see. i didn’t want to take a picture of a stranger’s front yard, but one house had an elaborate display of dinosaurs painted on wood panels, staked into the landscaping? loved that. the incline wasn’t too extreme on this walk but it did get somewhat steep on the last stretch, because sunset hill park literally is a hill. actually, it’s more of a cliff, overlooking the puget sound.

this is a very tiny and narrow park, and there wasn’t much to see as far as trees or flowers, but the view more than makes up for the size and foliage!

landscape picture of the puget sound, with boats floating on the water and mountains visible in the far distance

even on a chilly february afternoon, the view here is awesome. i took a seat on a bench and watched the boats go by, and a few planes passed overhead.

landscape picture of the puget sound. trees and grass in the foreground, and beyond that, a marina with many docked boats.

there’s a marina down on the water, and in the distance i could just barely make out the shape of a group of sea lions hanging out by the docks going “ORP ORP ORP”. the surprise appearances from wildlife are one of my favorite parts of living in this city.

after taking a few pictures and watching people walk their dogs around the park, i headed back, and i think i made the journey back home in slightly less time because it was downhill. i returned home feeling pleasantly tired, just the right amount of exertion to feel satisfied without hurting myself. this was a very enjoyable walk that i would do again.

if you’re reading this, i hope you enjoyed this silly little post format! go outside and take a walk now, it’s good for ya.


  • AESTHETICS – 18/25
    • i wish the park had more plants but the view was great and the walk to/from was pleasing too.
  • DIFFICULTY – 20/25
    • the home stretch leading up to the park was a little tough for me because i had already been walking for like 30 minutes up to that point, but there were benches to rest on so that was nice, and the walk back was all downhill
  • OBSTRUCTIONS – 23/25
    • only two stoplights, not too bad!
  • HAZARDS – 23/25
    • unavoidable stroad crossing to start this walk, but the rest is hazard-free
  • DOG BONUS – 10
    • lots of dogs AND sea lions :D
  • POI BONUS – 1
    • i just really liked that dinosaur house.
      TOTAL: 95/100

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