link collection

wasting time looking at fun stuff online is crucial to everyone's Internet Health, i think, so here's my loosely-organized collection of links from around the web. some are new, some are old, all are worth checking out.


  • The Geocities Gallery
    • one of many geocities archival projects. i like this one the best.
  • Queer Zine Archival Project
    • scans of queer zines dating as far back as 1974
  • Escargot
    • a revival of MSN messenger/windows live messenger
    • a collection of retro software, video games, magazines, and other interesting things
  • Old-Games
    • just what it sounds like: a very large collection of old games to download
  • The Big KiSS Page
    • a collection of downloadable KiSS dolls: digital paperdoll games, playable with the Kisekae Set System. these were typically fanmade, featuring anime characters, and they were super popular in the 90s and early 00s.
  • Old Book Illustrations
    • fantastic collection, absolutely beautiful illustrative art from antique books
  • Ruffle
    • a flash emulator!
  • Moderneopets
    • a revival of classic neopets


  • Film Emulator
    • upload your images and run them through various filters that emulate the look of camera film
  • Image to Color Palette
    • generates a color palette from an uploaded image
  • 98.css
    • css library for recreating the aesthetic of windows 98
  • Layout Builder
    • easily generate a responsive layout template


  • Animated-Gifs
    • a TON of gifs and graphics. organization is a little chaotic but it's a great collection
  • Heather's Animations
    • another classic gif resource, i believe this might be an archive or recreation of the original site?
  • Glitter-Graphics
    • a more 2000s, myspace-style collection of graphics, leans "girly" with dollz and glittery stuff
  • Bellsnwhistles
    • super oldschool graphics. these have been floating around online for a looong time
  • Jan's Graphics
    • blinkies and dolls and such. i just think the design of this site is cute as fuck
  • Gillyboo's Gay Graphics
    • vintage LGBT graphics!


  • Dupont Castle
    • this couple has been building their own castle since the 90s, and they're still at it as of 2020. the website also has a list of other castles in the US!
  • My One and Only Love
    • a very cute love letter of a website that i stumbled across. it caught my attention because this couple lived (lives?) super close to where i live. i hope bill and jim are doing well in the present day!
  • FTM Transition
    • the owner of this website, ethan, provided a valuable service to trans dudes everywhere by documenting his transition in detail in the early 00s
  • Freaks In Love
  • The Figure Drawing LAB
    • created by ralph m. larmann, a professor of art at the university of evansville. i just love that it's from the art department and it's so aggressively ugly
  • The History of Gay Bath Houses
    • very NSFW, but some super interesting gay history is preserved on this site.
  • Captain Packrat
    • a snapshot of online furry culture in the late 90s
  • Avatars!
    • promotional website for a book published by bruce damer, about the world of 90s virtual avatar communities. this site is wild and has a Lot going on
  • The Crypt
    • virtual exhibition of art depicting female martyrs
  • FNM.com
    • ancient faith no more fansite. cool time capsule of what band fansites looked like in the 90s!
  • Writers & Artists Snacking At Work
    • funny reviews of snacks and candy. i love the old packaging pictured in the reviews.
  • Gothic Gardening
    • a charming little page with information on garden cultivation for goths!